Product Care

How to Care for your Workwear

Your Rainbird is crafted to endure the toughest of days on the job and stand strong for years to come, but even the sturdiest gear requires some TLC to stay at its best. When it comes to workwear, investing in quality is key to longevity. Here are our top tips for ensuring your work clothes stand the test of time.

After a day on the job, you’ll want to make sure that you wipe away any dirt or marks before storing away your garment.

Hang or fold the clothes and avoid throwing them in a big pile on top of each other. This is especially important when it comes to PPE and clothes that are wet or damp. Giving your clothing a chance to air out after use will also help ensure your gear has a long life. If you notice that the breathability of your garment has lessened over time, it's usually an indication that it needs to be washed.

You should always start by checking the instructions on our care labels located inside all our garments. We advise only washing your Rainbird product when it really needs it. Machine washing leads to wear and tear and causes strain on zips and other trims.

Instead, we recommend hand washing with cool water and mild soap. Ensure all zippers and fasteners, button up pockets and secure velcro flaps, so they don’t get snagged on other garments or the washing machine.

Avoid using a fabric softener as it can leave a waxy residue on your clothing that can impair the functionality of your garment such as affecting its ability to wick away moisture.

Our fleeces and softshells are safe to machine wash. Use a detergent suited to the garments you’re washing and avoid bleach at all costs, choose a cold gentle cycle.

Tumble drying, dry cleaning or ironing can also place stress on your garments and can cause unnecessary harm such as damage to a jackets membrane or even melting of fabric. We recommend hanging up your clothing to air dry in the shade instead like the good old days!

Whether you're using them every day or storing them away for a while, it's important to give your garments a clean before any storage happens. This little act of care will help prevent odours, stains, and dirt build-up.

Store your workwear in a clean, dry and tidy place, away from machinery and chemicals, oil or other substances that may damage it. You should always ensure that your clothing is 100% dry before storing away and choose areas that are dry, well-ventilated and are shielded from direct sunlight and heat. Beware of damp and poorly ventilated storage areas, as they can encourage unwanted mould growth.