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5 Awesome Hikes With Your STOWaway Jacket in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park Test

Dec 13, 2023
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All About Function

Jun 08, 2023
At Rainbird we have a firm focus on selecting beautiful fabrics that are deceptive in what they provide: waterproof, breathable, durable and soft to touch. Why Waterproof Clothing that can repel water is a core function vital to making sure you can be outdoors for longer in comfort and style.The technology of our fabrics means water that lands on the outer jacket won’t pass through the fabric. This is achieved via a clever membrane layer that’s laminated to the fabric which has teeny tiny pores that prevent water molecules from passing through, but (thanks to fancy fabric technology) it allows moisture vapour (ie your sweat) to be released through it at the same time. How is this tested you ask? Well, we use the Hydrostatic Head Test. Our chief fabric testers take a cutting from the fabric and clamp it to the base of a clear tube. The tube has millimetre measurements marked on it and the tube will then be filled with water. The fabric tester closely monitors it to see how high the tube can be filled with water before small droplets of water seep through the fabric. It’s at this point a reading is taken of how high the water column is. This number equates to the waterproof rating.When shopping our products you’ll see under Features & Specs, some numbers that look something like this: 8,000mm / 5,000mpvThe “mm” number relates to how many millimetres of water the fabric could withstand before it penetrated the fabric. The “mvp” number stands for Moisture Vapor Permeability – which is how breathability is measured. We have all of our laboratory ratings ratified by a governing board to give you (and us) piece of mind that you’re buying into quality and durable products. We test to Australian & New Zealand standards. What does breathability mean? The breathability factor helps regulate your body temperature. We measure this rating on all of our garments through the testing of how many grams of water vapour can pass through a square meter of fabric from the inside to the outside in a 24 hour period. In every day language, we’re talking about your sweat. This will always depend on what you’re doing, whether it’s grabbing a coffee, hiking in the Grampians or cycling to work. Regardless of what Mother Nature is gracing us with that day, be it raining, snowing or glorious sunshine we’re all humans – so we sweat. What you need in your jacket is a high level of breathability. This can be achieved easily when fabric (like ours) can draw the vapour molecules out to the surface of the jacket, and release them outside. The evaporation of sweat and dissipation of vapour is necessary to regulate body temperature. Happy body = happy mind = happy days! We’re sure our sweat likes that it can escape confinement too! Fabrics that breathe provide high comfort and convenience for the wearer – which means that looking good and feeling great aren’t compromised by the weather. At Rainbird we combine our innovative fabrics to be both Waterproof & Breathable through layering the fabric with a Micro-porous membrane in 3 steps.1. Outer layer (which we call the face fabric) will usually have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish applied. This helps Raindrops roll off the material, rather than soak in.2. An inner layer (which is either a laminated membrane bonded to the face fabric or a coating which is a liquid applied to the interior of the garment). This is the clever membrane that keeps raindrops out, but lets your sweat breakout.3. A crucial backing layer or garment lining. This will come in the form of a very fine mesh like layer. Its job is to protect the inner membrane layer and also keep the wearer super comfortable.So hey presto we hear you shout?! Um…unfortunately not. Even though a garment may be labelled as waterproof & breathable… there is still one key element missing. Seam Sealing… keep reading to learn more. What is seam sealing? When a garment is made it needs to be sewed together. Every seam that’s stitched will puncture minuscule holes into the fabric and membrane. If this isn’t sealed, then water can easily get through! When the water gets through, that means you’ve got a soggy day ahead… To avoid an uncomfortable outing in the wet weather, we apply a process called seam sealing. This process makes sure no water gets through those holes created by the stitching. We fully seam seal all of our products … so not just one or two seams. We mean every seam you see on that garment! This pretty much invisible method is done via a heat sealing tape that is run over the seams.The result? You’ll stay nice and dry on the inside throughout the day! Quiet Fabric Now this may be one not many think of, but don’t worry for we have! Frequently, waterproof garments have a coating applied to increase its waterproof ratings. More often than not, this results in a crunchy, noisy outcome.We’ve carefully selected a specific high-quality lamination process instead, this innovative fabric won’t be intrusively crunching and crumpling as you walk, it’s our very own ‘quiet fabric’ doing just as it says – reducing the sound so you can enjoy the elements in peace and quiet. Once we’ve selected all of the best quality fabrics and processes we apply our technical knowledge to the design features of the garment. These details make sure living your every day life in a Rainbird product is sublimely comfortable. Some Extras! Adjustable Cords & Cuffs – With carefully hidden tie adjustments, you can make sure your jacket fits you ‘just-right’. Coupled with adjustable cuffs too this ensures the cold stays out and the warm stays in!Stay-Dry Hood – Our unique hood has been crafted to protect you from the elements, some come with an added ‘peak’ to give you the extra cover needed come rain, wind or shine. We all come in different shapes & sizes so our hoods are often height adjustable and come with cinching cords too.Storm Flaps & Garages – Sometimes the wind & rain are just desperate to get in – wherever it can. We integrate storm flap protectors on zippers and pockets to protect you from the weather creeping in where it can. We also have garages at the top of the pocket zips for you to park your zippers in to shield this little gap from the weather, and prevent leakage into your pockets.

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for Summer

Jun 08, 2023
Are you gearing up for your summer adventures, and looking for the best lightweight waterproof jacket? Whether you're planning a hiking trip, a beach getaway, or just bracing for those unpredictable summer showers, a lightweight, breathable waterproof jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. Here’s everything you need to know to help you choose the best lightweight waterproof jacket Australia has to offer. Why you need a softshell jacket for Summer: Softshell jackets are a must-have for summer as they keep you warm in sudden gusts and unforeseen chilly blasts. Softshells are essential for kids too, as sudden cool spells can ruin your outdoor adventure if your little ones get chilled. Luckily great brands have created lightweight, breathable and portable options for you and your family to keep you warm in sudden cool changes this summer. Consider Colour: A Hi Vis Softshell Jacket is Best for Cycling If you’re heading off sailing, cycling or fishing by a busy waterway where you need to stay visible, a hi vis softshell jacket is a great choice. They’re vibrant, but light enough to let your body breath as you work hard to pedal up that next hill. If you’re after a more gentle tone, modern patterns and colours make these hugely useful jackets a fashion statement too. Great brands now offer pastels, moody patterns and classic dark hues to keep your waterproof look on trend. The Best Womens Waterproof Cycling Jacket Is UnisexThe best womens waterproof cycling jackets must be bright, but breathable and lightweight. Plus, they need to be able to be packed away easily to not add bulk while you’re on your adventures. Look for options like the Rainbird STOWaway which can be packed up into a compact ball, but doesn’t compromise on waterproofing and durability. Best of all, most womens waterproof cycling jackets like the STOWaway are unisex so they work perfectly for men and women. Consider Waterproof Ratings Depending on Where You’ll Be If you’re going to be exploring the jungle in Far North Queensland, you’ll need a much more waterproof jacket than if you’re considering a stroll in the gentle rain of Melbourne’s summer. The waterproof rating of a jacket is measured in millimeters (mm) and indicates how much water pressure it can withstand before letting moisture seep through. For summer use, a jacket with a rating of 5,000mm should suffice to keep you dry without requiring heavier fabric. Seam sealing is another way brands can make jackets fully waterproof. This almost invisible method is done via a Heat Sealing Tape that is run over the seams. Without seam sealing, the tiny holes made during the sewing process can let water in, leaving you damp. Rainbird ensures most of their jackets are made with seam sealing technology. Breathability Matters When Choosing a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket in Australia Staying dry is crucial, but you also don't want to feel like you're in a sauna. Great breathable jackets release the water vapour from inside the jacket to the outside via tiny holes in the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Look for a jacket with good breathability, measured in Moisture Vapour Permeability (mvp). A rating of 5000 or higher will ensure you stay comfortable even in warm, muggy conditions.Top breathable lightweight waterproof jackets in Australia for Summer:STOWaway - 7,000mvp ratingAgena 2.5 and Hadar 2.5 - 8,000mvp ratingWomen’s Polaris - 8,000mvpMen’s Deneb- 8,000mvp Weight and Packability Help Determine the Perfect Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Since it's summer, the last thing you want is a bulky, heavy jacket weighing you down. Choose a lightweight jacket that's easy to pack and won't hog up your backpack space. It should be compact enough to carry with you everywhere. Great brands make jackets with a packable pocket or insert, like the Rainbird STOWaway jacket. By using the jacket’s own pocket, you can pack the jacket away to keep it in the car or in your backpack for easy access. This way it won’t take up too much room when it’s packed away so you can always have it with you. Choose a Comfy Fit for your Lightweight Waterproof Jacket From long-line jackets to shorter waist-length jackets, the best style of your lightweight waterproof jacket will depend on your activity. Waterproof fishing jackets will work best if they’re slightly longer, while cycling jackets are usually better if they’re waist-length. Avoid the Scrunching Sound of a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket by Choosing Quiet Fabric When you think of waterproof fabric, you probably can imagine that scrunching and ‘swish swish’ sound of raincoats from your childhood. Thankfully, modern brands use technical waterproof ‘quiet’ fabrics that don’t make an intrusive sound when you walk and move. This means you can enjoy your hike through the forest in a gentle rain without hearing your jacket scrunching and disrupting the peace and quiet of the bush. Your Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Must be Durable Invest in a quality jacket that can withstand rough and tumble adventures. Check for reinforced seams, durable zippers, and high-quality materials that can handle the wear and tear of outdoor activities.Some great durable jackets, like the Rainbird Agena 2.5 and Hadar 2.5 are lightweight, breathable and waterproof making them perfect for summer hikes. Plus, they have a thin laminate inner lining making them extra durable with enhanced waterproofing. Luckily though, the soft-touch fabric is slim enough to keep you cool on hot, wet summer nights. Choosing the best lightweight waterproof jacket is easy when you know what to look for. Decide on your ideal colour scheme, length, breathability and waterproof rating depending on your main activities, and you’re ready to go. Rainbird waterproof jackets are the perfect place to start looking. Rainbird jackets are designed with the harsh Australian climate in mind, making them perfect for summer adventures anywhere in the world. From lightweight and packable jackets to stylish and durable options, Rainbird jackets are made with exceptional waterproof, breathability and fabric ratings and designs. So, don't let a little rain or unexpected drizzle ruin your plans. Stay dry, comfortable, and stylish while you explore the world, and make sure to check out Rainbird Waterproof Jackets Australia for some top-notch options. Adventure awaits, so go out and make the most of it!